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ידע הנדסה וניהול
ידע הנדסה וניהול
ידע הנדסה וניהול

Our Services

Program Phase

The program phase coverssetting the client’s goals and preferences . it is the first phase of the project.

We have the expertise to leadour clients through this initial planning stage, providing cost estimates and project schedules. By the completion of this process, the client should have a complete picture of the product he is about to receive, including initial plans, schedule and a budget.

ידע הנדסה וניהול

and Tenders

At this stage, the program requirements are amended into detailed multi-disciplined architectural, electro-mechanical and engineering plans. We produce a written report for the tender, that includes plans, technical specifications and a bill of quantities.

In system-extensive structures, , this stage is important to ensure optimal construction, with minimal changes in the construction phase.

The design drawings are  dsubmitted  to various contractors for bidding. This isfollowed by clear technical and financial negotiations to select the winning contractor.

and Execution

Yeda Engineering manages and supervises the construction carried out by contractors chosen at the tender stage. The supervision includes the quality, Timeline compliance, bills  approvals, irregular work permits. We  coordinate with the authorities and rhethe client, hold regular meetings with the designers and consultants to monitor, coordinate and maintain the budge framework.

ידע הנדסה וניהול

One Year
Warranty Inspection

Once the project has been delivered and occupied by the client, Yeda Engineering continues  serving the  client, to fix possible faults after the client had moved in We manage all requests for adjustments and changes by the client.



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